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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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An Interview with Actress Robin Wright

August 2011

Healing in the Congo

Actress Robin Wright (the Princess Bride, Forrest Gump, Moneyball) is one of the many celebrities that support the work of HEAL Africa. Wright visited HEAL Africa this month and spent time with some of the women and projects at our main hospital in Goma. She came to Congo with the group the Enough Project. Read her interview below:

Heal Africa: Robin, what has brought you to Goma in eastern Congo?

Robin: Back home in the United States I heard shocking news about the Congo, especially about the the eastern provinces, North and South Kivu. I learned about all those women who work so hard, and instead of getting appreciation they are raped. This was the reason why I became a member of the Enough Project. In this case, Enough means, enough of the violence, stop the exploitation of Congolese women.

Heal Africa: What are some of your surprising or significant impressions of Congo?

Robin: I thought I would mainly meet victims who are physically and mentally destroyed, not any longer motivated to fight against injustice. But instead I met beautiful women who are very strong and determined to fight for their rights. I am even more impressed by that because I think that the political situation is not generally favourable to Congolese women.

Heal Africa: Many Congolese people fight for a better future of their country. But is it also the responsibility of the international community to help?

Robin: To end poverty, insecurity and the huge social problems which the Congo still faces, it is necessary that the Congo itself takes the initiative. This means first, there must be a genuine effort to end corruption. But I also believe that internationally, well-known campaigns, like ours, help a lot to raise the awareness in the world to draw attention to the still difficult situation in Congo and to bring support people in Congo.

Robin with the women of HEALing Arts – a program of HEAL Africa. In this project, women learn how to sew and make a living with the skills they have learned.