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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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AIDS-Free World visits HEAL Africa – August 8, 2010

Stephen Lewis and Paula Donovan, co-executive directors of AIDS-Free World, visited HEAL Africa on August 8, 2009. “It was fascinating and impressive in equal measure,” said Mr. Lewis, well-known Canadian politician, broadcaster and diplomat. He has been a forceful voice on behalf of the fight against HIV in Africa and against the violence to women and children in Congo, and in Africa.

All faith communities in Goma, Muslim, mainline Protestant, Pentecostal, Catholic and Kimbanguist, have worked together with HEAL Africa to improve awareness about the virus and to provide care for those affected by HIV for the past ten years. More than 1000 foster families of HIV orphans have received small business training and are part of a solidarity groups.

This ensures that the family doesn’t abuse the foster children, and provides a better framework of support for the foster parents as well as for the children. More than 3000 people are being followed with the palliative home care program, a hospice program that HEAL Africa coordinates for five organizations in Goma, again from all faith groups. Thanks to Global Strategies for HIV Prevention’s partnership with HEAL Africa, mothers are receiving medical help to prevent the transmission of the virus to their babies during childbirth (PMTCT), and victims of rape are receiving Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) to reduce the chance of HIV infection. Nurses in small clinics in rural areas are being trained and provided with medicines to prevent the spread of HIV, and to protect the innocent. The Children’s AIDS Program (CAP), a clinic for children with HIV, follows more than 1000 children medically and provides nutrition as well.


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