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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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Art Show for HEAL Africa Utilizing Local Children’s Art

Jessie Sandstrom

I have always had a heart for others less fortunate and have wanted to do something to help for a long time. However I always felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. That changed after reading the book Half the Sky. The author put things in perspective and kept repeating a message throughout that was if you help only one that’s huge. I realized I could do something and so the idea came of doing an art show to help raise money for fistula surgeries in the Congo. When reading the book I was particularly touched by this need.

After thinking of several ideas I landed on having an art show that featured kids art with descriptions in their own words (also written by them). The artwork was great and the descriptions were even better. A friend donated her loft space for the night, a 1st grade class did the artwork, wine was donated by friends as well as some purchased at a very low cost, raffle items were donated and so we had an event. The night went so well all were touched by the cause and we raised enough money for 4 girls to have surgery. I realized that we all can do something and it doesn’t have to be over the top. My eyes have been spared the gruesome sights, my ears have been spared the gruesome screams and cry’s, my nose has been spared the gruesome smells of death and destruction but my heart has not been spared by the burden of others. I really hope others will join in and use their resources to do something as well. Once you get the ball rolling for an idea you’ll find that everyone wants to help. I have amazing friends and family that did just that. So I would challenge others to look at what you have around you and use it to help others.

childrens art show

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