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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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Responding to Crises While Building for the Future - February 2011

Thank you so much for your support in 2010! We're launching into the New Year; 2011 is full of potential as DR Congo moves towards national elections. HEAL Africa will continue to innovate, adapt and respond -- building the foundations for peace through public health. Please help us widen the support net and spread the news as it happens.

Kavira Women

2011 Elections

As we look toward 2011, HEAL Africa is committed to doing what we do best, building for the future and for peace, while staying prepared to respond to the conflicts that continue to flare up. Later this year, DR Congo will hold local, provincial, and national elections. As rumors of rebel and militia groups re-arming float about and elections loom, our staff continue to build trust equity in communities.

HEAL Africa in Walikale

When over 300 women were raped in Walikale, DR Congo, this summer, HEAL Africa's HEAL My People Program was one of the first called in to assist survivors. Our staff went up into the area with post-exposure prophylaxis, counselors and medicines. Some women were treated locally while others were brought to the main hospital in Goma. All of the women will be followed and will have access to counselors, medical assistance, and vocational training. They are part of the growing community of women who know they are not alone.

Building for the Future

Women who've learned to read and learned about their rights through the Safe Houses are talking about electing people that represent them and their hopes for Congo. A solidarity group from the Safe Motherhood program is pooling funds to finance the first female candidate for local elections in their area. Changes are happening in local villages and through Nehemiah Committees.

Join the Movement

There is so much left to do! HEAL Africa continues to build and plan for peace while living in the reality of today's uncertainty. But we can't do it alone. Funding continues to be a challenge as world economic crises hit home. The women of Congo still need your help. Will you be part of changing the life of a woman, her children, her village? Click Here for more information on spreading the word and supporting the work of HEAL Africa.