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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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Skyrocketing food prices in eastern D.R. Congo 2009

The economic crisis, inflation and instability have attributed to skyrocketing food prices in eastern D.R. Congo, making everday life increasingly difficult for the majority of the population. The exchange rate has risen to 800 Congolese francs from 500fc for one dollar. Staples such as rice, cassava, corn, sugar, fish, and charcoal, have risen steeply in price, having an extreme impact on the population. According to UNDP, in response to the crisis,  "the government has tasked a newly-formed commission with finding ways to mitigate these effects. But despite progress in stabilising the currency, the cost of staple foods is still high: some prices have double or tripled."

In addition, continued fighting and insecurity in the east contributes to the rising cost of food as many fields lay fallow when farmers are forced to flee from the conflict. HEAL Africa is working with people who have returned to their communities after fleeing, providing economic and psycho-social support.

Farmers are forced to flee