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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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At HEAL Africa, we make every effort to respond to every email and inquiry that we receive, but we're a small organization whose primary focus is on serving the local community. Hopefully the following answers may help you.

I want to volunteer to work at HEAL Africa in Goma, DR Congo. What can I do?

This is one of the most frequent questions we receive from doctors, lawyers, engineers, students, researchers, ministers, artists, and others; which tells us that the work being done in Goma through HEAL Africa is important and that people are responding!

We do take on a handful of international volunteers to support our field work in Goma, including doctors, program support specialists and those with relevant experience. However, our staffing priority at HEAL Africa is to train and raise up indigenous Congolese people to lead our work. Volunteer opportunities are also always determined by the field staff needs and capacity to supervise volunteers. Research and data analysis are skills we particularly need help with.

Some basic qualifications that are required to be considered for a field volunteer opportunity:

  • Fluent spoken French and/or Swahili
  • Ability to raise your own support for transportation and living expenses
  • Willingness to make a six to twelve month commitment
  • Qualifications as a doctor, nurse, program specialist or other professional trade, and/or prior experience working for an African NGO

If you meet all the above basic qualifications, please contact us to start a discussion about field volunteer opportunities.

I want to help HEAL Africa, what can I do?

Partnering with us through prayer and/or financial giving can make the biggest impact in the lives of women and families in Congo and ensures that our work continues. You can support our work by making a donation.

You can also broaden awareness of the work of HEAL Africa, for example by hosting a screening of the documentary,“ LUMO” in your home or church to raise funds. As a friend to HEAL Africa, we welcome your ideas for fundraising opportunities. Due to our limited staff capacity, we cannot coordinate the effort, but we can provide you with brochures and resources about our work and we can connect you to others in your area who care about HEAL Africa as well. If you are interested in leading and coordinating a fundraising effort in your area, please contact us with your idea.

I want to donate computers, medical equipment, or blankets to help the women in Goma.

We receive many generous offers for gifts-in-kind: but shipping costs, coordination and international taxes make this very difficult! The most effective way to ensure we have the equipment we need in Goma is to send us a cash donation, which enables us to buy things locally at the market and encourages the local economy. What is purchased will be replaceable. There are exceptions: if you can pay for shipping a container and have enough material to warrant a container, let's talk! We just don’t want to ship equipment that is unusable (which has happened) or that requires costly refurbishment.

I want to sponsor a specific woman or child at HEAL Africa and be able to follow their story.

Because of cost and staff size, HEAL Africa does not have the capacity to maintain sponsorship reports on the status of each person aided by our programs. Your donation in support of the work of HEAL Africa goes directly toward impacting the lives of individuals. Patients, individuals and communities that benefit from our programs are followed and partnered with by our extensive network of counselors and program managers, and are supported in their efforts to rebuild their lives and communities. Thank you for partnering with them.

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