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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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HEAL Africa hospital full of patients from airline crash in Goma

Harper McConnell, volunteer worker at HEAL Africa, is right now trying to get more saline solution and tetanus vaccine for the many patients at HEAL AFRICA's hospital. The plane crash today in Goma has caused many casualties and has flooded HEAL Africa's hospital spaces.

Harper McConnell

A visiting medical team from Cherry Creek Presbyterian church in Colorado arrived in Goma today for a two-week teaching at HEAL Africa; they have been impressed with the way the staff is handling this emergency. The counseling staff will be busy with the families and friends of this unexpected disaster.

The plane crashed into one of the most crowded areas of Goma. Please pray for the many families of victims, and for the staff, working to save lives. The hospital's supplies of saline solution, tetanus vaccine and many other reserve supplies are gone. HEAL Africa is working with all the other agencies in Goma to provide help and medical care. HEAL Africa welcomes your help at this difficult time.