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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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HEAL Africa Staff on Ban Ki-moon Visit 2009

You can be very proud of the team.  The grounds were beautiful, but most importantly, everyone worked so well together.  Dr. Likofata coordinated the event and did an excellent job.  He was beside the Secretary General the entire time talking with him. Hat’s off to the staff of HEAL Africa. I was so proud of them.

One of the journalists who travels with the Secretary General spent some time with us after the visit.  He said he has never seen him become so emotional. After Ban Ki-Moon read his official speech, he put his notes aside and spoke from the heart for another 5 minutes.  I spent most of my time with Mrs. Ki-Moon and Mrs. Doss. They also were moved to tears more than once.  I said to Mrs. Ki-Moon, “You and the Sec. Gen. will be in my prayers.  Your husband carries a unique and heavy burden for the world, and as his wife, you share much of that burden with him. It must be a very heavy burden.”   She thanked me, and ten minutes later as they were leaving, she came to me and thanked me again for those words. 

Dick Anderson
HEAL Africa
Chief Development Officer