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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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May 21 2008 Past and Future for HEAL Africa

Remember the plane crash in Goma last month?  With the headlines in China, Myanmar, Iraq, Afghanistan, it's hard to keep track of trouble in the world.   But thanks for checking our website.  Nearly a hundred victims were brought to the hospital -- from the plane itself and from the neighborhood into which it crashed. 

A visiting team of surgeons from Cherry Creek, Colorado had arrived that day in Goma to visit HEAL Africa.   Dr. Larry Norton said, "...the team ran the entire triage.  It was spectacular!  Most were sent home within 24 hours.  IVs were put in within 5 minutes.  It was astonishing...and they handled it all as if they did it every day."

However, not everyone was able to be helped.  A sad story was told by Joseph Ciza, a nurse at HEAL Africa.  "A grandmother had come from Belgium to visit her grandchildren and family in Goma.  At the end of her visit, she boarded the plane at Goma to return to Belgium.  Shortly afterward it crashed.  The family was still looking for any slight trace of her in the wreckage.  How difficult for the many who lost loved ones..."

HEAL Africa continues to serve the people in Goma in many ways.  Tuesday, there will be a seminar for political leaders of the area on the topic of leadership, based on Nehemiah's example during the time of the Persian domination of the Middle East.  Any changes in the history of a place or people depend on the leadership available to them.  How will the leaders of Congo influence the future for the next generations?  HEAL Africa is committed to excellence and encouragement for the  principled men and women who are the leaders of the future.  'L' is for leadership!

Peace be with you,

Judy Anderson