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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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Natalia Sierant 250 km - Gobi March

Why HEAL Africa?

On a daily basis I work alongside many charities helping them to raise much needed funds. One of our company clients mentioned HEAL Africa to me and ever since I have wanted to learn more about their work.

I came across an inspiring book, Half The Sky and I found it hard to stand back and do nothing after reading the harrowing stories of women in the Congo!

I believe that sex discrimination, rape and prostitution are huge problems that are not talked about often enough  but which we all need to acknowledge and address.

Living in a world where all women have a choice, an access to education as well as health care should be our aim nowadays.

I have paid all my entry fees and travel expenses, so every dollar raised will go directly to this worthy cause!

This is my first Racing the Planet race and I have been training for the last 6 months.

I would love to raise USD 8000 for HEAL Africa.

Please spread the word to your friends and family and through Facebook and your Twitter accounts!

Many thanks


Gobi March - Natalia Sierant 250 km run across the Gobi Desert for HEAL Africa

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