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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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 April 29th 2008 - Plane Crash Update
On April 15th, 2008 a plane operated by Hewa Bora Airlines crashed shortly after take-off from the airport in Goma, with much loss of life. HEAL Africa took the majority of the casualties and treated them for minor and major injuries. Harper McConnel...READ MORE
 At the heart of HEAL Africa?s work
At the heart of HEAL Africa’s work in northeastern DR Congo are the Nehemiah Committees. Each committee consists of village leaders, men and women, who represent all faith groups in community. They work together to help find ways to h...READ MORE
 February 2008 Update from Goma
A peace agreement was signed a week ago, yet new conflicts are breaking out and people continue to flee to refugee camps. Judy Anderson, Executive Director of the US fundraising office for HEAL Africa, writes from Goma to describe the current si...READ MORE
 George Clooney Visits HEAL Africa
Academy Award-winning movie star and Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney visited the hospital in Goma a couple of weeks ago.  Clooney was recently appointed UN Peace Envoy and has been an active campaigner to raise awareness of the Darfur confl...READ MORE
 Hand in Hand - Gender Based Violence and HIV
Recognizing the correlation between gender-based violence and the transmission of HIV/AIDS among women and children, particularly those living in war zones where extreme violence and widespread rape are common, is a key component in developing succes...READ MORE
 Headlines from DR Congo
Click here for current news coverage on DR Congo ...READ MORE
 HEAL Africa hospital full of patients from airline crash in Goma
Harper McConnell, volunteer worker at HEAL Africa, is right now trying to get more saline solution and tetanus vaccine for the many patients at HEAL AFRICA's hospital. The plane crash today in Goma has caused many casualties and has flooded HEAL Afri...READ MORE
 HEAL Africa Staff Journals 2008
Read daily journal entries from HEAL Africa staff members about the current crisis.  November 28 Lyn Lusi-Program Manager Goma November 9 Joseph Ciza Rutshuru >We set off about 8am, with Hortance our media officer, and Dr Warren from Samaritan...READ MORE
 HEAL Africa Staff Update - December 16
Richard Malengule- Legal Adviser and Training officer, Gender and Justice Program We would like to thank the all-mighty God who protects us among and during this painful situation that has paralyzed the everyday life of thousands of Congolese ci...READ MORE
 May 21 2008 Past and Future
Remember the plane crash in Goma last month?  With the headlines in China, Myanmar, Iraq, Afghanistan, it's hard to keep track of trouble in the world.   But thanks for checking our website.  Nearly a hundred victims were bro...READ MORE
 MSNBC Feature Story
Ann Curry filed a moving report from the hospital in Goma that features the story of just one of hundreds of women that HEAL Africa treat each year. You can read her blog entry or watch the report online. Find out more about how HEAL Africa is heali...READ MORE
 North Kivu Conflict Update
HEAL Africa works at the epicenter of a conflict that has raged for years, but has come to a climax in the last several days. Control for Goma currently rests in limbo between the national army (FARDC) in collaboration with the UN peacekeeping forces...READ MORE
 November 1 2008 Update
Our friends in Congo continue to live on the edge of chaos.  It is Saturday morning on the US East coast.  We just talked with Dr. Jo Lusi in Goma.  It has been a quiet day in Goma. Yesterday there was a large panic after the CNDP (Nku...READ MORE
 Post-Conflict Rebuilding
The Nehemiah Initiative continues to bear fruit, with over fifty committees now in active operation. Throughout August, new training is taking place across the region to provide encouragement and fresh leadership to the committees. Find out more......READ MORE
 Telling Their Stories
Change is part of life in Congo as it is everywhere else in the globe. HEAL Africa's goals are to train people in Congo, for Congo's future benefit. That began in the hospital, but extends to the community. One way in which HEAL Africa is helping is ...READ MORE
 Wiring Up the Hospital
This week has seen the hospital enter a new electronic age! Members of the Upper Room community in Minnesota have been in Goma to install networking and a new server that will better support the needs of the hospital and program teams. Internet and e...READ MORE
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