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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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 100 Houses Burned in Kanyabayonga
More than 100 houses were burned on June 9th and 10th by the FDLR in Kanyabayonga as reported by civil society group, CEREBA, based out of Goma. The UN peacekeeping troops, MONUC, and the Congolese army were in the area, but there is no evidence of t...READ MORE
 Congolese Government Minister Visits HEAL Africa
The Minister of Gender, Family, and Children in the Congolese central government, Madame Marie-Ange Lukiana, visited the HEAL Africa hospital in Goma to see the assistance given to women and children affected by the war. After a word of compassion...READ MORE
 European Union Officials Visit HEAL Africa
  HEAL Africa’s gender-based violence programs in North Kivu and Maniema provinces have extensive networks of counselors in villages who offer both counseling and medical treatment to victims of rape.  These programs have functioned i...READ MORE
 Fight War With Education
HEAL Africa salutes young musicians working to support education in Goma!  Walking Spanish, The Late Chaps, One Eyed Rhino and All On Seven gave a special concert to benefit Goma Student Fund, which provides education through schools and scholar...READ MORE
 Food Prices Dramatically Increase
The economic crisis, inflation and instability have attributed to skyrocketing food prices in eastern D.R. Congo, making everday life increasingly difficult for the majority of the population. The exchange rate has risen to 800 Congolese francs from ...READ MORE
 Fresh Nightmares in Congo's Drive Against Rwandans
In a Washington Post article, villagers describe atrocities on both sides of conflict in another joint military operation to remove Rwandan rebels. According to Julien Attakla, who heads the U.N. human rights section in North Kivu province, "Thi...READ MORE
 HEAL Africa Hospital Functioning Amidst War
Dr. Christophe Kimona, General Surgeon and Chief of Staff describes a typical day at the HEAL Africa hospital in the middle of a war zone. I wear two hats every week. Mondays and Wednesdays I do general surgery, while Tuesdays and Thursdays I do fis...READ MORE
 HEAL Africa Positive Changes - video
 HEAL Africa Staff on Ban Ki-moon Visit
You can be very proud of the team.  The grounds were beautiful, but most importantly, everyone worked so well together.  Dr. Likofata coordinated the event and did an excellent job.  He was beside the Secretary General the entire time ...READ MORE
 HEAL Africa Still Working in Conflict Zone
HEAL Africa's HIV program manager, Ndungo Sakoul, recounts his latest experience traveling through heavily armed regions where other humanitarian aid organizations were not allowed to pass. "As scheduled, I needed to go to Rutshuru to verify how...READ MORE
 Help Build a New Hospital
HEAL Africa's small clinic which was destroyed in 2002 volcanic eruption of Nyiragongo What is now HEAL Africa began as a small clinic which was destroyed in 2002 volcanic eruption of Nyiragongo. It has been rebuilt in pieces, and now serves far ...READ MORE
 HIV test needs just a spot of blood
An HIV test using dried blood samples is fast, inexpensive, and could aid the testing and treatment of HIV-positive babies in the first year of life, scientists say. The technique extracts and amplifies the virus's genetic material from a tiny amoun...READ MORE
 Inter-Agency Delgation Evaluates FDLR Damage to Villages
Despite a respite in news coverage, the humanitarian situation in North Kivu continues to worsen. The FDLR have executed counter attacks crossing civilians in their paths. The United Nations’ armed force in Congo, MONUC, escorted five UN agenci...READ MORE
 Journal on the New Congo Peace Agreement
HEAL Africa program manager, Lyn Lusi, provides commentary on the latest peace agreement in Democratic Republic of Congo. p>Yesterday, as I was driving into the hospital, we were stuck on a street for almost 5 minutes by an endless cortege of hundre...READ MORE
 Letter From Program Manager, Lyn Lusi
Three of our staff members just returned from a trip to South Kivu, in the remote, inaccessible areas in the northern part of the province. It is a place that is forgotten by South Kivu, and not the responsibility of North Kivu. People are living the...READ MORE
 LUMO and Congo Panel Discussion in New York
Raia Blum, a young woman from New Jersey, saw the LUMO documentary about a woman receiving treatment at the HEAL Africa hospital and said to herself, 'Lumo is my age and I could very well be in her position if I was in Congo." She felt so moved ...READ MORE
 Restarting After the War
Ndungo Sakoul, HEAL Africa's program manager for HIV AIDS interventions, describes the challenges they face beginning work again after the violence which engulfed the region for the past three months. As scheduled, I needed to go to Rutshuru to veri...READ MORE
 Rwandan Troops in Congo
Members of the HEAL Africa staff are in the middle of the Rwandan troop surge and give commentary on the developing situation. Several thousand Rwandan military came across the border at several places on January 21 including Goma, and headed north t...READ MORE
 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State Clinton wrote, "In 11 days of travel across Africa, I saw humanity at its worst - and at its best. In Goma …I saw both. Women and girls in particular have been victimized on an unimaginable scale, as sexual and gender-b...READ MORE
 Serving in the Line of Fire
HEAL Africa's newly formed media department speaks with Handicap International about their collaboration with the HEAL Africa hospital during times of intense conflict. You can listen to the interview click here for the English Version and click her...READ MORE
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