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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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American physical therapists, Loran Hollander and Laura Kayser are strengthening the PT department at HEAL Africa by training local physical therapists and setting up a rehabilitation clinic at the hospital in collaboration with the HEAL medical staff. Read the lastest update here.

Dear Friends,
We hope this letter finds you all well! Our first month in Goma, DRC has come and gone, and we have settled in to life in Congo and our work at the HEAL Africa hospital. We would like to provide an update about some of the projects we are working on and share with you one incredible story of a little girl and her family, with whom we have been working.
Orthopedics Course Development

We began teaching our first “Principles of Rehabilitation” course within the hospital’s orthopedics department, which is attended by the students of the Orthopedic Officer Training Program, as well as physical therapists from HEAL Africa and the Goma community. The students have completed the first part of the course and are enjoying our interactive lectures and clinical mentorship. The resources are so limited here in Congo that the students have little access to text books, journals and teaching models and posters, so our goal is to leave them with a complete course manual with pictures and diagrams, translated into French. 

 Community Outreach

We have visited several IDP (Internally Displaced Peoples) camps to determine the need and feasibility to provide community-based rehabilitation within the rural villages of North Kivu. As a result, we have been invited to partner with a local group who provides services to children and adults with disabilities living in these regions and look forward to reaching out to these communities to provide education and care.  
Renovation of the Physical Therapy Clinic
The current building designated for physical therapy and rehabilitation is in great need of repair and working equipment. We have worked with the hospital’s engineering department to draw floor plans and to design some basic equipment, which can be made by local carpenters. Our goal is to secure the financial support to complete the project in June 2009! 
The Story of Munguiko
Munguiko is a 9 year-old girl, who was living in the village of Rufamando in eastern Congo. The town is located in the Masisi territory, an area where warring militia groups continue to vie for power, land and resources, often at the expense of civilians.