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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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HEAL Africa's Hortense Maliro reports from the hospital interviewing victims of war-related violence. Ms. Maliro is a member of HEAL Africa's newly formed media department, giving voice to Congolese stories and opinions.

Handicap International speaks about their collaboration with HEAL Africa in times of intense conflict. English Audio        French Audio

-The BBC World News interviews HEAL Africa staff member Joseph Ciza. Mr. Ciza daily puts himself in danger by crossing rebel territory to bring medical supplies to rural clinics and to take seriously wounded patients to the HEAL Africa hospital. 
16 year-old Marula's home was looted by militias in Goma. He and his younger brother are hospitalized at HEAL Africa.

Moto taxi drivers treated at HEAL Africa tell of their experiences with militia groups outside of Goma. Audio in French.

Two women tell how they were shot and stabbed by militia groups. They are now being treated free of charge at HEAL Africa. 

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