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Rwandan Troops in Congo 2009

Members of the HEAL Africa staff are in the middle of the Rwandan troop surge and give commentary on the developing situation.

Several thousand Rwandan military came across the border at several places on January 21 including Goma, and headed north to Rutshuru territory.  The CNDP have joined forces with them, and the FARDC are not opposing them. 

Ndungo from Choisir la Vie is working with his team in the area right now, also the PMTCT team, and Neema’s team from Safe Motherhood.  Ndungo says the population is very anxious, discouraged and afraid. How will these foreign troops be able to distinguish between peaceful Hutu farmers and interahamwe? The parliament in Kinshasa has reacted fiercely against this deal by the negotiating team.  The parliament was not consulted before the President signed the agreement: overnight ‘observers and advisors’ have become 5000 troops. 

The last intervention of the Bush administration on Saturday was to send huge quantities of military aid to Rwanda, ostensibly to support their peace keeping missions in Africa. Combined with the US Ambassador’s recent comments on redrawing the frontiers, people are bewildered and discouraged.  Please pray for justice, and for protection for innocent and helpless people.

Lyn Lusi
Program Manager: HEAL Africa  Goma, DRC