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Heavy sentences haded out by the military tribunal of Goma

Press Release 21 may, 2010

North-Kivu : 16 Congolese national Army (FARDC) soldiers and two FDLR soldiers (from the remnant of the Rwandan Army from 1994 who came into Congo) sentenced to heavy penalties for rape and murders.

Sixteen FARCD soldiers and two FDLR combatants were condemned to heavy sentences by the military tribunal of Goma while conducting a countryside session in Rutshuru, 75 miles north of Goma. The verdict was delivered on Friday, May 21, after 10 days of deliberation.

Among the 16 FARDC soldiers condemned is Major HANGI Félix. Tried for voluntary homicide of his fellow soldier, this high-ranking officer received life imprisonment as is required by the law.

The same punishment was applied to an FDLR soldier who made a confession during the trial. This person admitted rape of a twelve-year old girl in a field, and that he killed his victim by decapitation.

Heavy penalties up to twenty years of prison were also dealt to three sergeants and a corporal, all soldiers of the 131st Battalion of the FARDC based in Nyamilima in the territory of Rutshuru. Faustin NDAISENGA, of Burundian nationality who was fighting with the FDLR was also sentenced to ten years of prison before being repatriated to his own country.

About ten soldiers received lesser penalties, although four among those presumed rapists and murderers were acquitted.

The victims at the trial said they were satisfied by the justice rendered by the military court. To uproot of the problem of the culture of violence in eastern DRC, the victims hope that other soldiers who are suspected of rape, murder or armed robbery receive the same rigorous justice according to the law.

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