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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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HEAL Africa - telling Their Stories 2008

Change is part of life in Congo as it is everywhere else in the globe. HEAL Africa's goals are to train people in Congo, for Congo's future benefit. That began in the hospital, but extends to the community. One way in which HEAL Africa is helping is by providing the medium for Congolese people to tell their stories to the outside world.

When Carlton Chase, a film director, wanted to donate some time to make a difference and contacted HEAL Africa, we asked him to come and teach HEAL Africa's program people to take better images, to do a better job in telling the stories they know so well. He came, he taught, and many from all over Goma learned!  HEAL Africa had already started a small media department, but thanks to Carlton's efforts in teaching and the drive and desire to learn, there is some exciting news!

  • Stories from the field. The first podcasts will shortly go live on our website, recorded and edited in Goma. Having these come from Congolese who speak the languages, know the situation and the culture,
  • Photos by Congolese. ENOUGH, the advocacy organisation based in US, contracted with women survivors of gender-based violence at HEAL Africa who had gone to photography classes. Six images will be used for ENOUGH's campaign for Congo women this fall. The women who took them are getting paid. This marks a big change in the life of each woman, as well as the real possibility of new career options.
  • The official photographers at UNICEF/VDay sponsored a three day conference at HEAL Africa's center in Goma in July on gender-based violence were three women survivors, who had had photography training through HEAL Africa and Carlton Chase. The photo on the right is of one of the photographers, who carried her baby during the whole conference while she was taking photo!
  • Music has been recorded by artists in Goma for HEAL Africa, on themes of values and vision for the future - check back soon for further details!