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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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A workshop for the tribal chiefs in Kindu, Maniema

I sat in on a workshop with tribal chiefs in Kindu, Maniema. The chiefs hold tremendous power in a country like Congo. They are known. Their word is the most basic law. It was the first time they'd come together for training, ever. The seminar theme was Conflict Transformation, beginning with learning to identify the reasons for conflict. They were engaged for three days in sharing, dialogue and discussion. The third day introduced the laws and changes which conflict with traditional practices. They asked for further training, as it helps them in their daily work, much of which involves resolving conflicts, and the chiefs offered to provide food for everyone. Mama Muliri and the leaders of the Nehemiah Committee led the workshop.

Mama Muliri teaches traditional chiefs the basics of conflict analysis and the new laws in Congo to protect women and children. Mapping conflicts they know.

Lots of discussions using personal examples of disputes they were trying to solve has forged links between these men of influence who must be involved in any positive changes in Congolese society.

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