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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Visits HEAL Africa 2009

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Alan Doss (Special UN Envoy to DR Congo), accompanied by their wives, visited the HEAL Africa hospital in Goma on February 28 to speak with staff and patients and urge Congo to seize the chance for peace.

The visit was scheduled for 45 minutes, but was extended by the Secretary General to an hour and a half. After Mr. Ban read his official speech, he put his notes aside and spoke from the heart for another 5 minutes. It was very apparent that the whole team was deeply moved by what they saw and heard.

The group started their tour at the Jubilee Center, HEAL Africa’s training center for staff, medical professionals, and community activities. They visited Healing Arts, the vocational training program for women awaiting fistula repair treatment and concluded the visit with the operating room where they were able to speak with a young woman who was recovering from fistula repair surgery.

At the conclusion, Mr. Ban said, "I extend my deepest admiration and respect to all the people-doctors, nurses, and social workers who help women overcome these tragic sufferings. I would like to see medical institutions like HEAL Africa established across DRC".

It was a very special day for the entire HEAL Africa staff. They all felt very honored to have been selected by the UN for this visit.

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