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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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HEAL Africa is a small, grass-roots organization

HEAL Africa is distinctive from the many other charities: it's a small, grass-roots organization that has low administrative overhead because it is led by locally-based program directors and is focused on treating people holistically by training and equipping new leaders for the long-term, rather than just solving short term needs.

Here's a run-down of other ways in which we see HEAL Africa as being unique:

  • Dr Lusi in an Orthopedic wardEquips emerging leaders: HEAL Africa's primary focus is to train and enable healthcare providers and activists who are engaged in community-based healing in the context of community. Not only are others equipped in new approaches, the impact is multiplied. Leadership development is a key ingredient.
  • Indigenous leadership: HEAL Africa was founded by Dr. Kasereka ("Jo") Lusi, a Christian Congolese orthopedic surgeon, and his social activist/administrator wife, Lyn. They have based the bulk of their working lives in Congo, with several years of experience in Nairobi and in Rwanda. They are widely known and respected both in DR Congo and internationally for the work they have done. The challenge to international organizations is to obtain local ownership to increase likelihood of success and sustainable interventions. All of the work that HEAL Africa does is owned by its local leadership. Sustainability is built in from the beginning! Furthermore, HEAL Africa's staff represents tribes from all over Congo.
  • Geographical focus: HEAL Africa is working in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Great Lakes Region, and conflict-ridden French-speaking center of Africa.
  • Sector focus: Rural resource-poor regions. Resource-poor in terms of infrastructure and access to basic services for most of its population.
  • Holistic approach: In a world of increasing specialization (including in the humanitarian efforts), HEAL Africa recognizes the importance of interventions that are integrated, whether that is medical, social, or spiritual. The goal of HEAL Africa is to see transformed societies: transformed from within.
  • Inclusive: Through working through the faith-based community in Congo, HEAL Africa has the potential to reach 95% of the population. All faith communities in the areas HEAL Africa works are actively involved (Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Kimbanguist). HEAL also includes government officials in many of its programs. The result: HEAL Africa commands high respect locally.
  • Consortium spirit: Due to HEAL Africa's high credibility locally and the commitment to work within multiple partnerships, HEAL Africa has facilitated several coalitions to address community-wide issues, such as: HIV/AIDS, sexual violence, early childhood development, safe motherhood and child sorcery.