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Women of North Kivu Clamor for Peace 2010

There were hundreds of women who rallied together on January 9th at the main entrance of Unity Stadium in Goma to protest strongly together about the current peace negotiations in Nairobi, demanding a cease in hostilities and lasting peace.

They were standing up in lines without moving, communicating their messages in seriousness and those passing by were curious to read the words written on their signs. 
One could not mistake the following message:

We are tired of this war; we claim peace, no excuses anymore. Why do we let ourselves be manipulated? Why are you killing your own brother? Let us love one another. May God bless DR Congo and may all displaced people return back to their home villages.

All of them gathered in a coalition called Congolese Women’s Voice. The women of North Kivu transformed themselves with the written phrases on their clothes claiming for peace, written in capital letters, both French and Swahili. 
Messages were displayed in kiosks, on poles and on visible public places. Pedestrians and vehicles were stopping to look at the messages. Those passing by encouraged the women to continue to fight for peace. ‘We are exhausted of war,’ they said.  The voices of people rang out through the stadium: ‘Enough is Enough,’

The four-hour long protest included speeches from both Congolese women and men.
The national press covered the event, which called on the Africa Union, the United Nations, and the international community to be serious about resolving the conflict in the eastern region of DR Congo because all parties have a vested interest in the rich natural resources of Congo.

People from refugee camps surrounding Goma walked 10-15km into town to participate in the rally for peace. They circled the stadium to sing songs of freedom and praises to God. Two prayers closed the rally, one by a Christian woman and one by a Muslim woman. Both prayed that God would grant peace, and peace alone.