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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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HEAL Africa programs and statistics for 2009

We receive many generous offers for gifts-in-kind: but shipping costs, coordination and international taxes make this very difficult! The most effective way to ensure we have the equipment we need in Goma is to send us a cash donation, which enables us to buy things locally at the market and encourages the local economy.

  • HEAL Africa Donations - how donations are spent (see graph)
  • 2,680 people living with AIDS were visited and cared for through the Palliative Care hospice network in North Kivu in 2009.
  • 14,279 patients cared for at HEAL Africa in 2009.   1750 surgeries performed at the hospital.
  • 253 solidarity groups for Safe Motherhood formed in 2009 in North Kivu; 784 group leaders trained in income generating activities. 78 Traditional birth attendants trained in Safe Motherhood. Women receive training in income generation and a $50 grant, which helps them save for their own delivery costs.
  • 65 Nehemiah Committees in villages in North Kivu provide leadership and mobilize community resources to care for the most vulnerable among them.
  • 200 children with disabilities were able to get scholarships because of the income generating grants (with training) families received through the Children Like Us program.
  • 77 children from HIV positive mothers received formula for the first 6 months of life through the Children’s AIDS Program (CAP).
  • 689 children with HIV positive mothers are being followed and receive food supplements through World Food Program at the CAP clinic.
  • 108 foster families of HIV orphans received $50 grants for income generation with small business training, and are in solidarity groups
  • 82,176 people trained in HIV prevention and awareness raising activities in 2009 in North Kivu
  • 750 widows in AMAVESA network for solidarity, learning new skills, and income generating activities in the Goma area. Other groups are started in Maniema province.
  • 1400 people have benefitted from MAWE HAI's agricultural and livestock support in 2009 in North Kivu.
  • 376 women patients learned to sew, weave, make soap or doughnuts through HEALing Arts in 2009.
  • 4,401 survivors of sexual violence were identified and assisted through Heal My People in 2009. 74% were adults and 26% children. .
  • Each month 4,500 women in northeast Congo have been raped in 2009. (The Washington Times, 4-8 September 2009)
  • There’s much more to do!