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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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 Action in Community
A Holistic Model to Build and Strengthen Communities War destroys families, communities, and nations. It dislocates their members and breaks down the social fabric. Any meaningful response in its aftermath requires the strengthening of communi...READ MORE
 Agriculture and Food Security
Living Stones: An Agricultural Branch of HEAL Africa Health and food are two driving forces that every family faces in eastern Congo. 90% of the rural people in northeastern Congo are subsistence farmers who survive on what they can grow...READ MORE
 Community Mobilization and Post-Conflict Rebuilding
The Nehemiah Initiative Strengthen Communities The Nehemiah Initiative facilitates training and support for local community leaders to reflect on their own situation and resources in the light of the old testament story of Nehemiah. This story, ...READ MORE
 Gender and Justice
Gender and Justice supports empowerment HEAL Africa’s Gender and Justice Program seeks to tackle the root causes of gender inequality in the Congolese society. Through decades of war and centuries of exploitation, traditional social and commu...READ MORE
 Gender-based Violence: Heal My People
AC_FL_RunContent = 0; A Holistic Model to Build and Strengthen Communities War destroys families, communities, and nations. It dislocates their members and breaks down the social fabric of communities. Any meaningful response in its after...READ MORE
 Heal My People
War is a health issue Congo today is linked to the western world by cell phones and computers, coffee and coltan. The ongoing violence in northeastern Congo is aimed at civilians, to clear them from mining areas which are being protected by ...READ MORE
 Healing for Survivors of Rape
Rape is a horrifying weapon Rape is a horrifying weapon. It not only damages bodies but it tears apart lives and communities. HEAL Africa's program for gender-based violence, Heal My People, works to provide survivors of rape and gender-based ...READ MORE
 Health Care
HEAL Africa trains healthcare professionals HEAL Africa's medical center in Goma is a well recognized teaching hospital providing quality care. HEAL Africa aims to develop community-based healthcare initiatives across rural areas in eastern DR Con...READ MORE
 HIV Harm Reduction
HIV Treatment Programs HIV and AIDS have dramatically altered life for many in Congo. Too often the religious community has chosen not to become involved. Goma is an exception. The Choose Life program, known locally by its French name, Choisir l...READ MORE
 Hospital & Community Based Medicine
HEAL Africa's hospital is excellencent HEAL Africa's hospital in Goma is a center of excellence excellence, with specialist care and a training hospital. Young medical professionals can work with seasoned physicians, learn and pursue research whi...READ MORE
 Medical Training
Training is key to any preparation for Congo’s future Educating medical professionals and raising professional standards stabilizes and improves medical care for the residents of East Democratic Republic of Congo. Proper training of and supervisio...READ MORE
HEAL Africa's Hybrid Approach to Savings, Lending and Credit HEAL Africa began to try approaches to credit and lending in 2000. With the conflict in the area, and the volcanic eruption of 2002 when so many lost everything, HEAL Africa started a...READ MORE
 Safe Houses - Wamama Simameni
Safe places that offer the treatment We drove to get there, the nondescript house on the side street in a little town in northeast Congo.  They walk.  They know it’s there and they know someone cares when they get there.  Ther...READ MORE
 Safe Motherhood and Micro-Insurance
Motherhood Prenatal Care HEAL Africa's Safe Motherhood Prenatal Care and Micro-Insurance program is an extremely innovative initiative that increases access to health care for birthing mothers. Women of reproductive age pay into maternit...READ MORE
 Women Stand Up Together
Support and strengthen women in their own communities Congo´s women have been portrayed as victims in an endless war. HEAL Africa is working to build and support new communities of women in Africa who are empowered socially, physically, sp...READ MORE
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 programs) Result Pages:  1