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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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 A Good Day in Goma
Lyn Lusi, one of the founders of HEAL Africa, shares an account of the events of one day at the hospital in Goma. Today was a really good day. The surgeons from Wisconsin have just picked up their bags to go home after a long day. The good news w...READ MORE
 April 2011 Field Update - Lyn Lusi
Lyn Lusi's April Field Update Goma, DR Congo April 21, 2011 Dear friends, You were praying for the meeting of Rega tribal chiefs in Kampene.  This was a small meeting of leaders of a very big tribe; their traditional chiefs are stee...READ MORE
 Asifiwe's Story
HEAL Africa has a ward of children who are getting surgery for a wide variety of conditions: rickets, polio, clubfoot, cleft palate. Here's the true story of one of them. Asifiwe has a bright, beautiful smile. He's four, and came with his twel...READ MORE
 Celebrate International Day of the African Child
Goma - June 16, 2011 Laurent Kubuya  is 15 years old and lives with his mother in the Congolese town Goma just around the corner of HEAL Africa’s hospital. Every Sunday he attends the Sunday School of HEAL Africa. The last few Sundays were spec...READ MORE
 Community-Driven Responses to Rape in Congo
HEAL Africa's community mobilization efforts to fight sexual violence Read a three piece published series written by HEAL Africa staff member, Harper McConnell, revealing the importance of HEAL Africa's community mobilization efforts to fight sexu...READ MORE
 Heal My People Helps 30000 Women
30,000 women. That’s how many lives have come through HEAL Africa’s program for women Heal My People. “Our ideas have been transformed by our experience,” says Mama Muliri at my dining room table in the woods of Washington St...READ MORE
 I am seventeen years old
Wamama Simameni - Safe House Helping, caring & training Congolese women I am seventeen years old, I am not married and I have a daughter named Priscilla. The father of my child was a businessman who moved to our village and we became fr...READ MORE
 Jo Lusi's story of a Tuesday
HEAL Africa Co-Founder: Doctor Jo Lusi Let me tell you about Tuesday. Tuesday and Friday are my favourite days, and Sunday of course. It seems like all the other days of the week are a preparation for Tuesday and Friday, which are my surgical days...READ MORE
 Kamina's Story
My name is Kamina Feza. I arrived in Goma from Kalemie but I really come from a village 300 km from Kalemie. I was abused in my own village in 2001 during the war of the RCD against Kabila. They took me at midnight, when they found our hiding place...READ MORE
 Ngalula's Story
Ngalula came to Goma by boat from Bukavu. She'd walked weeks through the forest to get to Bukavu. She didn't even know where she had come from. She was dressed in clothes given to her by some woman in the first village she'd come to after escaping ...READ MORE
 Rehabilitation Initiative
American physical therapists, Loran Hollander and Laura Kayser are strengthening the PT department at HEAL Africa by training local physical therapists and setting up a rehabilitation clinic at the hospital in collaboration with the HEAL medical st...READ MORE
 Reports from HEAL Africa Staff
HEAL Africa's Hortense Maliro reports from the hospital interviewing victims of war-related violence. Ms. Maliro is a member of HEAL Africa's newly formed media department, giving voice to Congolese stories and opinions. Handicap International s...READ MORE
 Ursula's Story
“Ursula” (not her real name) came to the HEAL Africa hospital three years ago through a counselor in her village who knew about her condition. She is Congolese, but she was raped almost twelve years ago by Interhamwe militias during th...READ MORE
Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 programs) Result Pages:  1