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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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Mother of Nations

Grandmothers, taking care of HIV orphans learn to do small

HEAL Africa's project called "Mother of Nations".  Grandmothers learn to operate small businesses so they can support their oprhaned granchildren. In March this year, thanks to a grant from the Stephen Lewis Foundation, 75 grandmothers got a small loan and training in small business. Some have learned to read. All have been making items for sale. READ about  HEAL Africa's CAP Clinic.

The Grandmother's gather weekly for solidarity, and monthly to repay the loan, which is then rotated around in a capital-building plan. They save some for medical expenses, and learn to keep their capital safe. They are being followed by Mama Noella, who has pioneered the income generation model that HEAL Africa is using. Read more about HEAL Africa's AIDS/HIV Programs and CAP the Children’s AIDS Program.