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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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“Ursula” (not her real name) came to the HEAL Africa hospital three years ago through a counselor in her village who knew about her condition.

She is Congolese, but she was raped almost twelve years ago by Interhamwe militias during the Rwandan genocide while she was pregnant with her third child. The rape caused a fistula, a tear in the vaginal wall which caused her to constantly leak urine. Her baby died and her husband rejected her after he learned of her condition.

Ursula lived in this condition up until a few months ago after her fourth attempted surgery was finally successful. As she tells this story she dances in chair with her shoulders. “God opened doors for me, I arrived at HEAL Africa and I was treated like family and I was treated free of charge. I have learned to sew here and have made money from sewing while I am waiting for surgery and now I can return home and I will have something to do.”

Ursula will go home this week and surprise her brother, sister, and brother-in-law with whom she plans to live. She will return with a sewing machine so she can continue to work and make money. She also plans to sell oil and salt. By returning healed and with work, she will easily be able to reintegrate back into the community. She will return with her two children who have been living with her as well. “I have recovered my dignity,” she proudly claims with her hands in the air motioning towards the sky.

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