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HEAL Africa provides holistic care for the people of Democratic Republic of Congo
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 AIDS-Free World visits Goma
AIDS-Free World visits HEAL Africa – August 8, 2010 Stephen Lewis and Paula Donovan, co-executive directors of AIDS-Free World, visited HEAL Africa on August 8, 2009. “It was fascinating and impressive in equal measure,” said Mr. Lewis, w...READ MORE
 Charité Story
Her fistula was repaired, and then she was given shelter Charité was raped in front of her family, then she was forced to watch as her family was being killed. The rapists then destroyed her eyes so she wouldn't recognize them. When she ca...READ MORE
 Field update June 2010
Received from a program leader June 26, 2010 “Good evening, I would like to share this message with you about how painful it is to see how our children, the hope of tomorrow for Congo, are being violated by their own brothers and relatives. Th...READ MORE
War is a health issue Congo today is linked to the western world by cell phones and computers, coffee and coltan. The ongoing violence in northeastern Congo is aimed at civilians, to clear them from mining areas which are being protected by ...READ MORE
 In the News
This week has seen increased attention on the situation in the Congo and the work of HEAL Africa, with a report from CNN on one woman's plight, along with interviews with Jo and Lyn Lusi in both Australia and the USA. ...READ MORE
 International Staff Experiences
HEAL Africa currently has 3 permanent international people on the ground in Goma. Last week they were evacuated to Rwanda, but have since returned to Goma. The situation changes every day and they are prepared to leave again if the insecurity increas...READ MORE
 Jake a 10 year old boy with AIDS
23 November 09 Jake A parcel wrapped up in layers of material sits on a hospital bed. As I approached, it became clear this parcel was actually the tiny body of a child. The little and frail body lays there, his face being the only visible part as ...READ MORE
 Lyn Lusi - Day in the life
If I tell you about my day today, please do not assume that it is a typical day. It is not. Most of my days are spent swamped in paper. Today was different. I went from Kasongo to Wamaza to visit our Gender and Justice work, to meet the people who ...READ MORE
 New Health Facilities For Maniema
Project TUGENGE TAIFA HEAL Africa, through its project Tugenge Taifa just built four new health facilities and rehabilitated one in the health zones of Alunguli and Kindu. The official ceremonies opening the new clinics took place in Kindu o...READ MORE
 Orthopedic officers graduate
The first class of Orthopedic Officers in the Democratic Republic of Congo graduated On Saturday, August 14th, 2010, the first class of Orthopedic Officers in the Democratic Republic of Congo graduated. Twelve men from Congo and Rwanda graduated...READ MORE
 Riding for World Health
Young doctors Ride for World Health How would you like to ride from San Diego, CA to Washington, DC? A group of young doctors is, doing workshops and raising awareness along the way about health issues in the world. This year they’re suppo...READ MORE
 Soldiers convicted for rape and murders
Heavy sentences haded out by the military tribunal of Goma Press Release 21 may, 2010 North-Kivu : 16 Congolese national Army (FARDC) soldiers and two FDLR soldiers (from the remnant of the Rwandan Army from 1994 who came into Congo) sentenced ...READ MORE
 Urgent Need - HIV AIDS funding cuts
I am writing today with a heavy heart. Both the Gender-based Violence (Heal My People) and the HIV Harm Reduction programs have depended heavily on grants from UNICEF, which has been a strong partner for seven years. On June 4, 2010, UNICEF announced...READ MORE
 Women of North Kivu Clamor for Peace
There were hundreds of women who rallied together on January 9th at the main entrance of Unity Stadium in Goma to protest strongly together about the current peace negotiations in Nairobi, demanding a cease in hostilities and lasting peace. They wer...READ MORE
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